Just Love!

Minister of the Gospel. Fun filled guy . Joker. College Senior. UofM Tiger for life. God's solider. Nike/Jordan Fan. Just a normal guy. An obvious sinner, trying to do right.

The day has finally come where we can be revived in Nashville-Franklin area! Tomorrow night a revival like no other will begin. We are truly going to have a Revolutionized Revive on Wednesday and Thursday…then Friday night we’ll “Worship Until We Pass Out!” You don’t need money, a special outfit or even someone with you. All God wants is your heart! Come out and truly be blessed by great preaching, Holy Ghost visiting, dancing, singing and whatever God allows to happen. Don’t meet me there, beat me there!

April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King Jr was shot in Memphis, TN. King proclaimed a dream that has been lived but can still get better. Today take the time to thank God for a man suck as MLK. Many people won’t post a thing about MLK today because they don’t know their history. It’s been 46 years since that tragic day. The question is…Are you living the dream or creating the nightmare? #april41968 #mlk #martinlutherkingjr
Some times being a man of God can get busy. My phone rings, text won’t stop and emails are unread by the hundreds. But I enjoy serving God…especially through helping the people of God. Be a blessing to one of Gods children this week and watch how He blesses you. #blessed #manofgod #preacherofthegospel
I didn’t know how important my job was until today. A little girl ran up to me and gave me a hug and ran home. Then her dad walk up to me and said thank you. I asked why. He said…your smile and high five every morning and afternoon gave my daughter the hope she needed to believe that someone actually cared about her because the kids at school picked on her at school. I couldn’t do anything be tear up a little. Be a blessing to someone. You never know whose life you can change. To God be the glory!

June 25-27 and 29th is truly going to be a blessing with the 4:twelve Ministries Youth Revival. “Revive Revolutionized” June 25-26 & the “Worship Until I Pass Out” Party June 27 and the Revival will come to an end with me bring the message on the 29th. God truly blessed me with this vision! To God be the glory!

I might have a slight tattoo addiction. 3 tattoos in less than 9 months. #116 #HE>i #Thywillbedone
The thing about being a man of God is that joy is always present. No matter what the circumstances are around me, I can smile because I know that God will always have my back. That’s why I can’t boast about my love for God but I can boast about His love for me. To God be the glory! #manofGod #gospelpreacher #blessed
I never understood why, as God continue to bless me, people continued to leave me. Then it hit me, for me to go where God needs me to be…I have to let go of what’s holding me down. With the separation from those who hold me down, I can not elevate to where God holds me up. So if your family turns your back on you, it’s elevation. If so called friends walk away, it’s elevation. If that person you thought was to one leaves you, it’s elevation. Thank God for elevation!
I’ve gotten to a pint in life where only one thing truly matters when it comes to me thinking about dating a young lady. I know this post says in love with God but I believe that all she needs to be doing is developing her relationship with God. I do not look for perfection. As long as the young lady understands and respects my relationship with Christ and is working on hers, I could careless what you look like on the outside. A woman is truly beautiful when she loves The Lord.
Remember that the past will be the past. I said once, in a sermon, that “your past experience do not dictate your future blessings.” So don’t bring the bricks of your past to your future…you’ll just keep building the same bad house. Let go of your past and give God your future. Good morning to all! God truly loves you.
And I’ve become one…
I have to get back to where it all began. #He>i
Ain’t worried because I got my Church Clothes on. Today was a blessing. I truly pray that God has moved in your life. We’re only 12 days into the New Year so I guarantee that greater is coming! May God bless you!
Great night to be a Tiger! #gotigers #uofm
Change only comes to those who are willing to see their mistakes.